Assessment of Infrastructure Investments in Transport and Job Creation-World Bank

Jordan is one of the Mashreq countries that was the most impacted by the adverse regional developments, in particular the Syrian and Iraq crisis. Since the start of the regional turmoil, Jordan has been facing major challenges related to the massive refugee influx across its borders; the large number of refugees entering the country is having a strong impact on the country’s economy and social fabric resulting in high unemployment among Jordanians and refugees.

The Government is highly concerned by the dire and worsening conditions that host communities are in, as well as the difficulties faced by the refugees across the country. Job creation was identified, by the Jordanian government, as one of the priority areas for support from international partners in Jordan. Hence, the World Bank in collaboration with ILO, has contracted the services of the id:rc for conducting a study to assess the employment impact of their investments and possibly design future projects in a way that enhances their positive impact on employment.

The objective of this assignment is to prepare an assessment of the direct and indirect job creation effects of road projects (construction, rehabilitation or maintenance) in Jordan, and make recommendations for going forward. The assessment will produce the type of jobs created (direct and indirect), the breakdown between skilled and unskilled jobs, a breakdown by gender and nationality, and a measure of labor influx through the assessment of the number of local and non-local workers.