Making Cities Work Indefinite Quantity Contract (GLOBAL)

id:rc is part of a consortium led by Segura Consulting that has just been awarded the USAID funded “Making Cities Work” (MCO) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IDIQ). The goal of MCO is to provide access to short- and long-term technical services, training, and capacity-building related to improving urban and local governance in improved urban and local government public service delivery with an emphasis on transportation, water and sanitation; enhanced ability of urban and local governments to adapt to climate change, improve environmental management practices and pollution control systems; improved urban and local government disaster preparedness, response and recovery; and Improved urban and local government finance, creditworthiness and borrowing.
The maximum ordering limitation of the contracts resulting from this IDIQ is $650,000,000 over the five-year ordering period. The Segura led consortium is a small-business and the conditions of the IDIQ require that all task orders with a total estimated cost of $1,000,000 or less to be set-aside for small businesses. Small business awardees will also have fair opportunity to compete for task orders with a total estimated cost exceeding the $1,000,000 threshold. The consortium is led by Segura Consulting and is comprised of Environmental Law Institute, Crimson Capital, Research Triangle Institute, Texas A&M University, Technologists Inc., International Business and Technical Consultants Inc., Development Gateway, and interdisciplinary research consultants –US.