Risk Assessment of Toxic and Chemical Pollution Along the Tigris Flood Path

Alarming threats have been rising due to the catastrophic consequences a failure of the Mosul Dam would have on people and infrastructure. Along the Tigris River, where the flood is expected to flow reaching as far as the capital Baghdad, many industrial facilities and infrastructures host a wide variety of hazardous and toxic materials that may create a major humanitarian and environmental disaster if flooded.
As a part of UNDP’s support to the Government of Iraq (GoI) in improving preparedness to minimize Mosul Dam risks, UNDP contracted id:rc to carry out an assessment of toxic and chemical pollution and environmental risks to the population of Tigris River valley due to floods resulting from the failure of Mosul Dam. id:rc is providing its services in creating a comprehensive database of such facilities and assess the potential risks to providing recommendations and guidelines on addressing these risks in preparedness and response plans.